The R.D.K Printing Pvt. Ltd. firmly believes "The customer is the most important

person on our premises”. Keeping this as our motto we strive to ensure that

our customers go through the least required pains for sourcing their

products by offering the following:


Quality Sourcing -

Our design team is constantly on the watch for new products in trade fairs and at premium suppliers so that our customers have an edge above their competitors in

being first in the market with the product.


The price factor -

We believe in the formula reasonable turnover + Small margins = reasonable profits which do not bite our customers pockets. Moreover being in the field for a considerable amount of

time and having special relationships with units gets us special prices.


Loyalty -

We believe in long-term business and also that loyalty is an

important ingredient in achieving this goal so we try to achieve this by

providing our customers with exclusivity on many products ,

reducing our margins on competitive items , providing buying

information in advance which not all customers are privy to and so on..


Customer service -

Our team is hammered with the importance of how follow up can make or break a

deal and as such once you confirm an order with us well at the cost of being

presumptuous , you can experience true customer service.

Our team will grind the stones for you, rather than you calling us umpteen times.


Quality control -

We believe in the saying "Prevention is better than cure" although in textiles

there is no such thing as a 100% guarantee, we try to take extreme

precautions in choosing our factories and also during quality control inspections

so that there are no surprises when you receive your ordered goods rather

than haggling for claims after you receive improper goods.



Quality Objective

To provide customers with high quality, durable products with efficient service,

To upgrade the quality of products every three months by enhancing skills and

technical expertise through continuous innovation and R & D,

To manufacture and deliver products as per customer’s requirement on time,

every time, To set the highest standards of customer service.Our quality systems

aim to ensure our products perform the way they are demanded

to and meet all regulatory requirements

Our Goal

Our goal is not to get as many customers as possible but once we get a customer or customers to keep them long term and keep them satisfied.


Highlights of Our Regular Printing Products

100% Cotton

100% Viscose




100% Modal

100% Viscose

100% Silk

Cotton Silk

100% Linen

Cotton Linen



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